Welcome to Bowornpan Kindergarten School 2
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                                      Bowornpan kindergarten School 2 has been established for 7 year. Deputy Professor Malinee Suwan
                              (The late deputy professor of Satit Chula School)serve as the school's director.The child center approached
                              is emphasized by the teachers who graduated and specialized in early childhood development. They understand
                              the child's growth and learning stages which are the physical, emotional social and intelligence development.
                                         The child development requires the cooperation between parents and teachers. The continuous cooperation
                              between them is given. The beat development and technical matter will be provided. English learning by an English
                            teacher is emphasized daily. English language learning is done by speaking tasks in conversation situations. English
                            learning is strengthened for the pupil’s further study in qualified higher education schools.The school empowers each
                            pupil’s IQ and EQ for full potential growth.

Close contact with the parents by the communication
book and the instructor and parents conferences.

Bowornpan Kindergarten 2 is ready to enhance the child
development which is fully physical, emotional, social and
intelligence for further study.The doctor informs the
medical knowledge and disease while the nurses inspects
 the safety of the utilities and good food for children.
Asst.Prof.Malinee Suwan
Dr.Bowornpan   Rathprasert
Mr. Borwornsak   Rathprasert
The Deputy School Director
Mr. Borwornsit   Rathprasert
- Master of language communication
      - Chief of General Manager.